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GST Live: Country Lost Rs 12 Lakh Crore Because of Delay, Says Congress

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley moved the four GST Bills for consideration and passage in the Lok Sabha. The Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST) Bill, 2017, along with three other GST Bills were moved for consideration in the lower house. This is a very serious matter, just don't take shelter under constitutional amendment: Congress MP Veerappa Moily Jaitley moves GST bill for passage## 

This game-changer law was envisioned by the UPA government, somehow opposition parties at that time halted it...The anti-profiteering clause of GST is far too draconian...What you have brought today is not a great reform. it just merely a step forward. there are several problem still: Veerappa Moily Veerapan Moily on GST## Congress MP Veerapan Moily in Lok Sabha: * The debate happening today is unprecedented * BJP has stolen GST thunder from the Congress * We have been working to get a GST system for years, only to be obstructed * Who has been the loser here? the people of this country * We are still here for the interest of the people * 12 lakh Cr lost due to GST delay * Congress claims credit for GST push * The government is depriving us of a voice, and that is a sin in Lok Sabha States have pooled in their sovereignty into the GST council, and Centre has done the same:FM Jaitley No service tax post GST## No service tax, VAT, excise duty after GST, says FM GST is revolutionary bill: FM## It is a revolutionary bill which will benefit all: FM Jaitley in LS Full attendance in LS## Full attendance in Lok Sabha for debate on GST... SGST mirror of CGST## SGST is a mirror of CGST, it will handle GST in states, says Arun Jaitley 32 Participants including states, Centre & UTs Part Of GST Council...GST council has had 12 meetings so far GST council has tried to take all decisions through consensus...says, Jaitley Arun Jaitley explaining all the articles in the GST Bill to the house. Jaitley tables GST in LS## Finance Minister moves 4 GST Bills for consideration in Lok Sabha * There has been an attempt to introduce a one taxation system for years. * There have been committees which have deliberated on this * We are creating a law that is at the time for the centre and state there is no conflict * GST will reeduce multiple tax * Will put an end to tax difference. * GST Bill Will End Tax Terrorism. * GST Will Ensure Free Movement Of Goods Across The Country Arun Jaitley Moves Indirect Taxation Bills Challenges of GST## CHALLENGES IN IMPLEMENTATION OF GST * Parliament needs to pass the three bills and the State Assemblies will have to approve the state GST bills. * The fitment of items under the four-tier (5%, 12%, 18% and 28%) rate structure, in keeping with the principles of revenue neutrality * Ensuring minimal inflationary impact due to GST * Preparing the GST network, it backbone for running GST, must be up and running. 

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